Thematic Areas: HIV/AIDS and OVCs

Institutional development of HIV projects in Africa

 Over the past 27 years, nearly 25 million people have died from AIDS. HIV/AIDS has complicated efforts to fight poverty, improve health, and promote development. From early 2000 we have been providing institutional development support for HIV/AIDS projects across Africa, including strategic planning, advising on Results Based Management planning and performance monitoring frameworks, undertaking project evaluations and development of fundraising and marketing strategies for our clients who include:  Regional Aids Training Network (RATN), Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI), Family Health International (FHI), Strengthening STD/HIV Control in Kenya Project, Liverpool VCT Kenya, the Embassy of Finland (Community Based HIV/AIDS Care within Naivasha and Environs Project) and Christian Mission Aid/Compassion Canada. 

Current activities include:

Past projects undertaken include: